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We are a team of professionals who are experts in their fields that have gathered in the aim of providing innovative solutions of high-end quality that will help our clients leverage the power of the latest technologies, trends and practices to undergo different aspects of their life more conveniently and in a more efficient and effective manner. Our solutions will cover different spectrums, all of which are essential and beneficial for our clients’ lives. Our aim is developing portals that will enable users to identify where they can find their specific needs in the areas of food and beverage, entertainment, health and education and much more. We also aim to develop the best solutions that enable customers to locate the property that meets their needs in the ever-growing Egyptian real estate market. In addition to that we also create augmented solutions that leverage the power of combining the traditional and digital worlds to create better more efficient solutions. On top of all that we aim to provide businesses with the best media solutions that help them optimize their business objectives.

What's in Cairo

Is the first website in a series of websites that we plan to develop that will be a revolution in the world of information aggregators. As the internet continues to grow and the number of users surpass 4 billions, the need for websites that summarize and present information in a simplified and user-friendly way has become essential more than any time before. What’s In Cairo is a website that will portray all the useful information that a user living in Cairo needs in order to plan his life appropriately. The information will range from the places he could visit in order to eat or entertain himself to essentials he needs such as hospitals and car repair garages.

Expert’s Review

Is an expert detailed review blog of different places found in Cairo. We have gathered a group of experts in different fields who will be visiting and reviewing different outlets in Cairo without the awareness of the staff. The review will be real and objective and will enable other users to get a clear idea of what to expect when visiting different restaurants, coffee shops, gyms, shopping malls, and much more.

New Cairo Properties

The real estate market is one of the exponentially growing markets in Egypt and in many other regions in the world. NCP is one of a series of websites that we aim to develop that presents to the client a detailed and real picture of the different options available within their budget and specific requirements, without the Chios and noise that is usually found on other websites that cover a very wide area, while compensating both the quality and the timeliness of the content presented.

Advanced Digital Media Solutions

We provide a full spectrum of advanced digital solutions that are built on the detailed requirements and business and marketing goals of our clients. Our campaigns are goal focused, using the latest technologies to achieve and exceed the goals that any client is hoping to reach.


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Ground floor, 26 Saied El Halawani St., El Orouba Heliopolis, Cairo

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